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About iFinance
iFinance Global is a different kind of finance brokerage, offering a huge range of loan options as well as complimentary services and associations. We aim to break the mold of the traditional finance brokerage through innovation, transparency and genuine partnerships with businesses who can provide reciprocal services. Our core values of integrity, transparency and putting others first are the basis not only on which our business is built, but also the framework for how our day-to-day activities operate.
Vehicle Sourcing, Finance & Insurance

For anything from cars to motorbikes and everything in between, we offer a full sourcing, finance and insurance service for both business and personal use clients.

Aviation Finance

Financing general aviation, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, corporate or private jets or a passenger aircraft of up to 100 seats backed by a lender with 20 years’ experience.

Marine & Leisure Sourcing & Finance

Finding and financing fun. From boats to jet-skis, caravans and more, a full sourcing service and suite of finance options is available.

Equipment, Machinery Sourcing Finance

We can help turn your ideas into action with office equipment, catering and commercial kitchen equipment, heavy vehicles, agriculture machinery and even medical equipment.

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