About iFinance

iFinance Global is a different kind of finance brokerage, offering a huge range of loan options as well as complimentary services and associations. We aim to break the mold of the traditional finance brokerage through innovation, transparency and genuine partnerships with businesses who can provide reciprocal services.

Our core values of integrity, transparency and putting others first are the basis not only on which our business is built, but also the framework for how our day-to-day activities operate.

Don’t want to do the shopping around? Let iFinance Global take care of the dirty work for you. With over 25 lenders on our panel (yes, that’s a lot of choice!) we push for your finance to be the most competitive. Whether you need a secured loan, novated or maintained lease, salary sacrifice or something that suits business use, we get it!


We work for you to ensure you get the best deal in the most convenient timeframe. By taking the time to get to know you and your business’ needs and requirements, we can provide options that may suit your business structure, cash-flow requirements, GST registration status and tax considerations.

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